Resources Never Die

This quick post  is a result of the following Twitter conversation:

In the sphere of business and project management, people are considered to be resources like raw materials, chairs, pens, money etc etc.  Those things can’t get things done on their own.  They require people.  The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition for resource is:

: something that a country has and can use to increase its wealth

: a supply of something (such as money) that someone has and can use when it is needed

: a place or thing that provides something useful

Does any of those definitions describe you or the people you work with?  Are you a resource?  Are they a resource?  Do you run out of supply?  Do they run out of supply?  Are you a thing? Or better yet, something?  Are you fungible? Do you think others are fungible?

See people for the people that they are.  People that take resources and do something meaningful with them.  Stop referring to your people as resources. When you are discussing people, discuss them as people and not as resources.  Yes, I know its learned behavior but I’m optimistic that you can unlearn that  behavior and learn something new.

Resources never die.


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