Parts or Song

I love music.  Love reading, writing and playing music.  I really do.  Always have. Always will.

Recently, I was sent a song that I was supposed to teach a choir.  The recording sent to me had the voice parts (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) recorded separately but no recording of the four parts together.  After listening to the parts individually, I decided that I did not like the individual parts and wasn’t going to the teach the choir the song.

A couple of weeks later however, I was privileged to hear the same song performed by a choir and was blown away by the beauty of the song.  In fact, I did not recognize it.  The parts harmonized in a manner I did not expect.  The chorus was soulful and deep.  There was a tenor solo that was backed up by the other parts.   I ultimately regretted not taking the time to learn/teach it.

This experience reminded me of the quote by Aristotle:

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Each part on its own was lacking but when combined with each other, a beautiful song emerged.  Is your team or organization comprised of individual parts just doing their own thing?  Or does everyone come together to make sweet music?  The next time you listen to a song you like, think about that.


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