The Curious Case of Mikel John Obi

(This is a blogette started close to a year ago that is finally seeing the light of day).

Paraphrasing Deming, short-term decisions have long-term implications.

I wonder if Mikel’s decision to go to Chelsea has ruined what was deemed by many Nigerians and pundits alike to be the beginnings of what was going to be a stellar football career.  I remember watching Mikel play in the U21 tournament in the Netherlands and thinking he would the next big star from my homeland.

Unfortunately, after a year or so out of football due to a dispute between Manchester United and Chelsea, then finally signing with Chelsea and Jose Mourinho, Mikel was relegated to a defensive/holding midfielder position.  While it is fair to say that he has been successful in that position having won multiple trophies with Chelsea, I (and I think many Nigerians) wonder if the development of his game was stunted by this move.

His career is still young and its possible that the best of him is yet to come.  I really hope that’s the case but it’s a reminder that all decisions are not create equal and some possibly have long-last implications.


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