It’s all the about the hair, girl!

I happened to be on CNN and came across this piece on weaves and wigs in the motherland.  Now to say that I am completely unaware of the popularity of these hair-dos would be to claim complete social unawareness (and I like to believe that I am aware) as my inner circle is dominated – yes dominated – by African females, however I had no idea that it was this big back home.  I mean its to the point where there are hair braiding competitions.  Is this for real?

Now there are a couple of ways to possibly look at this, but to me, something just doesn’t seem right about large quantities of hair (natural and synthetic) being imported from Japan (and the US) into Nigeria for the purposes of hair styling.  I’m not a female, so I won’t even suggest I understand why this is so important but I can’t get the “I just had a shower but still feel dirty” feeling off of me.  Is this some form economic exploitation?   I don’t see countries importing my hair!!  What’s wrong with our natural hair?

Wonders shall never cease….


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