New Beginnings contd.

In my last blog post, I mentioned that I would be leaving Manhattan Associates to take on some new challenges.  A couple of friends were curious to know what I would be doing so I’ll take a couple of minutes to outline my new career situation.

I now work for PRGX, a company that specializes in recovery audit and analytics.  In a nutshell, we help our customers discover profits by identifying overpayments (to suppliers for example) in addition to providing analytical and advisory services. Traditionally, PRGX has focused on the retail sector, but has recently expanded into healthcare by taking part in the recovery audit program initiated by CMS.  I joined PRGX to help grow the healthcare business with the responsibility of managing the delivery of software solutions that enable our auditors to audit healthcare claims.

Learning about healthcare claims auditing has been both challenging and exciting at the same time and the atmosphere is very similar to the atmosphere that surrounded me in the late 90s while developing a supply chain solution for the Windows platform.

Anyway, that’s it.  Stay tuned for PRGX experiences….


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