New Beginnings

Yesterday was my last day with Manhattan Associates after over a decade.  It’s definitely weird waking up this morning and not be reading e-mails sent through the night from my Bangalore-based colleagues.

However, this change also forced me to trade in my Windows work laptop (that had evolved into a machine for personal usage) but that is a good thing.  I’m now forced to be productive on my HP laptop running Ubuntu and I’m going to use this opportunity to try and become conversant with Ubuntu and rekindle my love for Linux.  I’m looking forward to using apps like Skype and Chromium. Also, now that my personal laptop is my primary machine, I don’t plan to make my new work laptop anything else but a work laptop.  Wish me luck!


About Ebenezer

culture hack. contrarian. change artiste. speaker. writer. silo-connector. entrepreneur. totally human. ff at your own risk. :-)
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6 Responses to New Beginnings

  1. Sajay says:

    Intersting and a sad loss to manh.
    You didn’t mention where to or did I miss that?


  2. Chris says:


    You’ll miss Windows…

    Hey, did you buy that can of soda before you left? 🙂

    – Chris


  3. Shishir Kumar Mishra says:

    All the best for future assignments.



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