Sony PS3 and Nigerian Millionaires

So how do you get the  PS3 and Nigerian millionaire into a commercial?  Check out the video below.

This video has gotten a reaction from the Federal Government of Nigeria demanding an apology from Sony.  Others are calling the commercial, racist in nature and calling for a boycott of Sony products.  What about Sony electronics that people already own?  Should they throw them out?

Personally, I’m not offended by this at all and I think its being taken out of context.  I don’t see how its racist and I’ve experienced racism on multiple levels.

The FG of Nigeria has bigger fish to fry such as addressing the current state of kidnapping in Abia State.  IMO, responding to petty commercials like this, is just a waste of their time.


What Super Eagles?

So it looks like the Super Eagles are going to miss out on the World Cup in South Africa after they couldn’t find a way to hold on to their (2-1) lead over Tunisia in the dying minutes of the match yesterday.  Twice, Tunisia, came back to equalize in a match that was essentially “do or die” for Nigeria.  Objectively, Tunisia could have easily won the match outright.

At the youth level, we recently dealt with the issue of overage players on the team and approximately 15 lads or so were sent home.

The state of football in Nigeria has probably never been lower since I started following it back in 1984.  The nation doesn’t have a football player that would be ranked in the top 10 in Africa and the senior team’s ranking of 34 seems like a sham to me.  The coaching staff at the senior team level acts incompetent and shows no creativity.

The most disappointing thing is that the average Nigerian thought that after missing WC 2006, the Nigerian Football Association (NFA) would have a solid plan that would allow Nigeria to at least be competent in the qualification process.  Unfortunately, this was not the case.  The organization seems to be worse than it was 4 years.

Not sure where we go from here.  I thought 4 years ago was the lowest we could have gone but this year just proved me wrong.  I’m not even sure I know how this situation can be resolved.