Nigerian 419 and the recession

The Washington Post recently published an online article on how the hard economic times are impacting scammers in Nigeria and possibly making them more creative and ingenious.

Being from Nigeria and living in the US, I did find this article somewhat intriguing.  I still don’t quite understand how people (and sometimes corporations) are so easily duped.  It can’t just be greed or can it?  The classic, “I need your help transferring money…” is just so over the top.

My observation is that articles on internet fraud focus on the methods of the scam.  I haven’t seen any reports on the demographics of those being duped or any analysis on why such people are being duped.  Is there any information of this type out there?

Personally, I feel that there are a lot of handicapped people that are falling victims to these scams and these people need both help and education.  I know of at least one handicapped individual who had a “girlfriend” in Nigeria that he was sending money too almost daily.   He wouldn’t have stopped except for the fact that someone called his “girlfriend” and asked “him” to leave this individual alone.

I’d be interested to get other thoughts on this.


2 Replies to “Nigerian 419 and the recession”

  1. Scammers are not just from Nigeria. They are in most 3rd world countries that try to make a quick buck.

    Two companies that come to mind are and All from Pakistan. Their favorite targets are to scam people from US and Canada. They use fake addresses and want to claim they are in the UK.


    1. I never suggested otherwise. There are all sorts of scams right here in the US also. However, the Nigerian situation is the one I can relate too but I’ve seen these guys at work firsthand.


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