New Ventures

I’m looking to try something different from the technology standpoint.  When I was involved in academia in late 1990’s, I had the opportunity to work on different platforms with a plethora of different tools.  Since I became a professional, I’ve been stuck to the Windows stack  with major focus – in last 5 years – or so on .NET.  At least two distinct thing have happened as a result of that:

  1. I’m not as conversant with other technologies and tools predominantly being used in the industry
  2. My low-level technical skills are not as sharp as they once were – probably a topic worthy of another post some other time

So for starters, I’ve setup a machine running Ubuntu and I’m looking for suggestions on a technology stack for web development on Linux.  Any suggestions (besides Mono) are welcome!  Hopefully, I’ll find the time to actually pull this off and possibly share my experiences.


2 Replies to “New Ventures”

  1. i’ve started doing something similar at the start of this year:
    – installed Ubuntu as my default workstation
    – install apache web server
    – installed python
    – installed django templating
    – opened a google app engine account
    – installed git & opened a github account
    – started pushing through python texts and building on google app engine


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