New Ventures

I’m looking to try something different from the technology standpoint.  When I was involved in academia in late 1990’s, I had the opportunity to work on different platforms with a plethora of different tools.  Since I became a professional, I’ve been stuck to the Windows stack  with major focus – in last 5 years – or so on .NET.  At least two distinct thing have happened as a result of that:

  1. I’m not as conversant with other technologies and tools predominantly being used in the industry
  2. My low-level technical skills are not as sharp as they once were – probably a topic worthy of another post some other time

So for starters, I’ve setup a machine running Ubuntu and I’m looking for suggestions on a technology stack for web development on Linux.  Any suggestions (besides Mono) are welcome!  Hopefully, I’ll find the time to actually pull this off and possibly share my experiences.


About Ebenezer

culture hack. contrarian. change artiste. speaker. writer. silo-connector. entrepreneur. totally human. ff at your own risk. :-)
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2 Responses to New Ventures

  1. i’ve started doing something similar at the start of this year:
    – installed Ubuntu as my default workstation
    – install apache web server
    – installed python
    – installed django templating
    – opened a google app engine account
    – installed git & opened a github account
    – started pushing through python texts and building on google app engine


  2. Eb says:

    Cool. I am contemplating using RoR as opposed to Django. We’ll see how it goes.


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