New Ventures

I’m looking to try something different from the technology standpoint.  When I was involved in academia in late 1990’s, I had the opportunity to work on different platforms with a plethora of different tools.  Since I became a professional, I’ve been stuck to the Windows stack  with major focus – in last 5 years – or so on .NET.  At least two distinct thing have happened as a result of that:

  1. I’m not as conversant with other technologies and tools predominantly being used in the industry
  2. My low-level technical skills are not as sharp as they once were – probably a topic worthy of another post some other time

So for starters, I’ve setup a machine running Ubuntu and I’m looking for suggestions on a technology stack for web development on Linux.  Any suggestions (besides Mono) are welcome!  Hopefully, I’ll find the time to actually pull this off and possibly share my experiences.


Football Recap

Couple of things of happened in the football world worthy of some quick commentary:
1. Arsenal signs Thomas Vermaelen: Sounds like a good signing, but you need to do more Arsene!
2. Nigeria plays goalless draw with Tunisia: I’m really concerned with the Super Eagles chances of making WC2010. I guess we’ll see.
3. USA upsets Spain: Who saw that coming? (Egypt, please!!!)

The Art of Not Blogging

It’s been almost a year since I’ve blogged on anything.  How does someone with a blog go for such an extended period of time without blogging?

Is it a reflection of how (un)important the art of blogging is to that individual?  I read dozens of blogs weekly on a variety of different topics (from software architecture and design to productivity tips).  Trust me, I get the value of blogs to the general public.

Could it be that I’m so busy that I don’t have the time to blog?  I always marvel at how people blog in the middle of the day.  Don’t these folks have a day job like I do or are they all entrepreneurs of their own startups? (I started this point at 6am this morning and finished it at 9:40pm).

Maybe I really don’t have anything to share, no great stories to tell, no opinions on all the other opinions being expressed on all the blogs I read, nothing rad or original.  Yeah right.

Do I simply not have enough commitment to the art of blogging?

Bingo. Jackpot. That has got to be it.  I can’t explain why else I could go months without a single blog entry.

So how do I grow my passion for blogging or is something that people are just born with?  Maybe someone can provide me with some tips on that.  Share what practices they follow to keep their blog going.   Who knows, maybe I’ll learn something.  If you blog about it, I’ll definitely read it.

Then I’ll need to figure that Twitter thing out.