JSON as hypermedia

Subbu here and Mike here talk about leveraging JSON as hypermedia and Mike makes the cogent point that (X)HTML works because the client (browser) “understands” (X)HTML – in other words, there are standards and a client can make assumptions based on standards.  Microformats are also (X)HTML based.

There is no standard to way to express hypermedia in JSON.  Mike suggests that we need clients.  I suggest that we need a standard and clients will come.  This standard doesn’t need to be complex but it basically needs to provide a standard way that machine clients can look at JSON representation and be able to make decisions and navigate URIs to change application state.

I’d like to see this happen.


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2 Responses to JSON as hypermedia

  1. I posted a reply to your comments on my blog and thought to follow up here, too. I agree that standards need to precede clients in this case. I suspect that, like most standards efforts, this one might be driven by the existence of a few clients that – while starting out independently – cause a convergence on a standard way to express and interpret JSON as a hypermedia format.


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