JSON as hypermedia

Subbu here and Mike here talk about leveraging JSON as hypermedia and Mike makes the cogent point that (X)HTML works because the client (browser) “understands” (X)HTML – in other words, there are standards and a client can make assumptions based on standards.  Microformats are also (X)HTML based.

There is no standard to way to express hypermedia in JSON.  Mike suggests that we need clients.  I suggest that we need a standard and clients will come.  This standard doesn’t need to be complex but it basically needs to provide a standard way that machine clients can look at JSON representation and be able to make decisions and navigate URIs to change application state.

I’d like to see this happen.


Venture Capitalism In Africa

I came across an article on American Chronicle titled “Why Africa May Never Produce a Microsoft, Google, Yahoo or Facebook.” by Mfonobong Nsehe.  It challenged the lack of venture capitalism in Africa and suggests that this adversely impacts the entrepreneurial spirit on the continent especially for students in universities.  It all proposes that this may impact the continents ability to produce mega-corporations.

I actually do agree with this assessment of the state of affairs but I do question how many ideas/innovations could really take off considering the energy problems that plague the continent.  It would seem that until energy crisis is resolved, digital growth will continue to be stymied.

So while we need the VCs to stand up, we also need our energy crisis solved.  Only then, will we see the growth that the continent is able to produce.

Is MVC Dead?

Nolan Wright has a post where he suggests that MVC is dead.  He goes on to explore the defining characteristics of “RIA+SOA”.  I don’t agree with all he postulates but he does raise some interesting points given that I am just starting to do some work with ASP.NET MVC (Microsoft’s first foray into a true MVC framework for web applications).

So let’s imagine Google (the search engine) designed as a “RIA+SOA” solution.  Would that work?  What would it look like?  Are there technological limitations introduced?  If done using .NET technologies (is that heresy ), would my clients like the fact that Silverlight has to be deployed on their machines?

I don’t know that I’m ready to say MVC is dead, but I’m thinking about it!