Arsenal Lets One Get Away

The Gunner’s missed a great opportunity tonight at the Emirates and now they face an uphill battle at the San Siro in a fortnight. It’s going to be very challenging for them to go in there and get a win. This is what happens when you fail to win your group when you’re the best team in the group.

In my opinion, it was an “above average” performance in which Arsenal generated a lot of movement in the midfield but struggled in the final third to generate very good scoring chances. Flamini had a great game in the middle of park as he practically shut down Kaka all game long. He’s definitely my man of the match. Adebayor had good movement upfront but his ball control let him down too many times. I still don’t get why Arsenal doesn’t take more shots at goal. It almost seemed like they wanted to work the ball into AC Milan’s net on a couple occasions where shooting may have been a better option. For Arsenal to move on, they are going play out of their minds.

Let’s see what the San Siro has in store for “The Arsenal”.


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