Future of Web 2.0

The Futurist has an interesting post that surmises that human laziness is the bane of social networking (in it’s various forms), – the hallmark of “Web 2.0”. I’m not so sure that I completely agree with this in that I think “time” and it’s availability is more of a factor.

I know how hard it is for me to update my blog regularly and it’s simply because I have no time or I’m not willing to work 16 hour days (is that being lazy?). Over time, will I stop maintaining it semi-regularly? Only time will tell. I have gone for months without posting anything new to my blog before. I have also observed that most blogs of technocrats that I read are not updated regularly anymore.

In 1999, online chat rooms were the “in thing” and I participated in them religiously. However, with time I found myself having no time to participate. While I imagine that people are still participating in online chat rooms, I do wonder how popular they currently are.

There will always be a crowd for social networking, the size of the crowd will determine how prevalent social networking sites are.

Makes you wonder what Web 3.0 will be.


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