SD Expo – Day 1

I’m attending Dr.Dobb’s Architecture & Design World Conference. Here are my notes from sessions I attended today:

  • Interaction Testing – TDD is ultimately supposed to influence the design of classes. Code-first or code-after is not as important as letting tests lead to eventual refactoring. Code-first can reduce the amount of refactoring that may be required. Ultimately to effectively unit test, there will be lots of classes and interfaces with liberal usage of mocking for interaction-based testing. Only “state manager” classes will leverage state-based testing heavily.
  • Creating DSMs – Domain Specific Models have the potential to significantly increase developer productivity from a “language perspective”. Focus on creating a narrow DSM with an appropriate code generator. There will always be code outside the model, this is the domain framework. Start small and evaluate the benefits of the DSM.
  • User Experience and Interface Architecture – Architects do not focus on the “interaction architecture” of the application. Avoid inside-out design rather focus on outside-in design. Don’t try to outsmart the user, rather focus on the activities that the user will undertake and make those activities adaptive by the user.

Good stuff.


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