Thierry Henry Rumors

A couple of quick disclaimers regarding my football affiliations:

  1. I am a loyal fan of the Nigeria Football Association (NFA)
  2. I am a loyal fan of Arsenal FC
  3. I love the worlds game – football

This post, however, has to do with Thierry Henry. Arsenal News shares my sentiments completely. Enough with the rumors, let’s get a decision! I don’t understand how a player signs a 4 year contract only to be waffling a a couple of months into it. At the time Henry was quoted as saying:

I’ve never played in Spain and never will. This is my last contract. This is the best country to play football. It’s the passion I like. Here you can do your job in the right way – people here respect the players.”

What changed? Hopefully we can get a decision soon and start focusing on what the team needs to do to get over the proverbial “hump” next season.

More to follow….


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