Is Design Worth The Effort?

Martin Fowler has another great post where he opines on the value of “design” before “construction” regardless of the design philosophy.  He revisits “Technical Debt” which is what you pay for the adding functionality in a technically messy manner.   The key is determining how much design improves the overall quality of your product.  Good luck doing that.   I am still trying to figure that out.

While the post talks about design in general, I feel it focuses on actual technical design. I believe that putting no effort in functional designs almost always leads to severe Technical Debt and subsequent “Functional Debt” regardless of how much technical design is done.   Is it only me that gets the sense that “upper management” believes that technical designs can make up for a lack of depth in functional design.   This is a complete fallacy and never works out that way.

When will we learn?


Blog to subscribe to

I subscribe to quite a few blogs on a bunch of different topics, but Stefan’s blog is where I go for stuff in the “SOA and REST services” space. In addition to posting his own thoughts, he does a great job of referring to blogs that address pertinent issues.

He makes pretty astute comments as well! 🙂

Thierry Henry Rumors

A couple of quick disclaimers regarding my football affiliations:

  1. I am a loyal fan of the Nigeria Football Association (NFA)
  2. I am a loyal fan of Arsenal FC
  3. I love the worlds game – football

This post, however, has to do with Thierry Henry. Arsenal News shares my sentiments completely. Enough with the rumors, let’s get a decision! I don’t understand how a player signs a 4 year contract only to be waffling a a couple of months into it. At the time Henry was quoted as saying:

I’ve never played in Spain and never will. This is my last contract. This is the best country to play football. It’s the passion I like. Here you can do your job in the right way – people here respect the players.”

What changed? Hopefully we can get a decision soon and start focusing on what the team needs to do to get over the proverbial “hump” next season.

More to follow….

Client Proxies, Beware!

There is no shortage of posts regarding the shortcomings of using RPC or better put, “remote method invocation” when interacting with services. Unfortunately, in a lot of circles, RPC has been equated with SOAP which I think is wrong (there are a lot of posts debating this also).

However, I think one of the major reasons for the SOAP == RPC conclusion is the promotion of client proxies. For example, the Microsoft toolkit provides svcutil.exe (formerly wsdl.exe) for creating a proxy based on the wsdl exposed by service. The proxy hides the fact that the service being consumed is actually remote by making the invocation seem local.

The promotion of proxies (and the tens of starter examples/whitepapers/demos that show their usage) encourage developers to create and consume services as if they were local objects, violating the tenets of service orientation and encouraging the creation of brittle services.  It makes service consumption look “trivial” which is not actually the case.

My advice to service designers is to build services under the premise that the consumers don’t use proxies.  It saves you a lot in the end.

Kanyi kwuo okwu (Let Us Talk)

I decided to start blogging on more diverse topics beside what I do daily (software engineering), so I went looking for a site that didn’t seem as “targeted” as the one where I blogged previously ( I did a little research and chose WordPress.

If your wondering about my blog title, it’s Igbo for “Let Us Talk”. That’s it, let’s talk.